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Every management service for your solar system! We make your green energy project a reality...

We complete the cycle, from design and technology sourcing through installation, and provide continuous operations and maintenance services. Our professional emulation solutions guarantee responsible and steady power production from our energy systems to our clients.

We provide a wide array of energy management services at every step of the process, we help our clients in developing their own clean energy project. With a huge know-how developed over many years, we are your partners for the successful implementation and operations of your renewable energy projects.

In order to meet all our clients’ needs, we work hand in hand with strategic partners. Our goal is to support governments, semi-governmental or non-governmental organisations and businesses, in creating and implementing long term reliable clean energy strategies and programs in different areas:

A. Engineering: Solar plants with optimum PV output to

B. Procurement and Purchasing: Negotiate and supply technology of key providers and services at the best terms possible

C. Project Management: Take care of the smallest detail to guarantee the utmost project completion

D. Construction: Manage contractors, and assure the highest level of quality within the time and cost deadlines, in total compliance with local regulations.

E. Commissioning: Make sure that each power plant operates as designed and performs as expected Over the years.

When we compare the services provided to how much they are able to reduce the emissions of polluting gases, we will understand that we have provided a future life with increased chances of survival and continuity without pollution.

One of the many experiences that we are currently going through now, is the spread of viruses, including Coronavirus, and the cause is timidly being referred to; which is pollution (pollution of the environment).

Let's all put hand in hand to reduce the admission of polluting gases and reduce the use of fossil and nuclear fuels.

We need to think of ways to allocate ourselves and our families a good amount of money in the long run, so that each family is a marketer and producer of the electric energy which God and nature has given to us.

Let us all work on a campaign to legislate a national law to buy electricity generated from solar energy from all citizens, and let Iraq jump from being a consumer to producer and add tens of thousands of megawatts to the national grid with financial returns for every citizen.