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Due to the rapid development in the increasing demand for the use of renewable energy systems due to the introduction of a special law obsolete devices are used renewable energy in homes and institutions in both the private and public sectors appeared we need to develop our organization and expand its duties to contribute to the exploitation of alternative energy sources was our vision to create a north wind technology company Alternative Energy in this year 2014 to expand to increase our duties and our objectives and our business.


Goals and objectives

  • Provision of technical consultancy and studies required for the establishment of projects for the exploitation of renewable energy in the field of wind energy and solar energy and the production of biogas from organic waste.
  • Import of alternative energy devices of all kinds regardless of their productivity.
  • Some units of the electric power generation manufacturing exploiting renewable energy such as wind and biogas.
  • The establishment of wind farms for electricity production capacities of more than 10 megawatts / hour.
  • Find fertile sites for the production of wind energy, identify and provide the necessary studies.
  • Bring international companies to invest in Jordan through partnership in the establishment of wind farms for the production of electrical energy.

Why alternative energy?

Energy that does not rely on fossil fuels such as oil shale, gas and coal as energy, wind power, solar and bio-gas, etc. which do not produce pollutants and emission of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur, methane and many of the pollutants that affect direct impact on the layer Alaaozon and cause global warming and acid rain, which caused many climate change in most regions of the world causing desertification in many areas and the destruction of many forests, arson and destruction of many agricultural crops.

For the reasons above formed global organizations synonymous of the United Nations demands to save the world from these contaminants and the search for new sources replace oil Mahal and its derivatives, and the major industrial countries have made rapid strides to exploit alternative energy sources to produce electricity, has developed a thoughtful plans on the rules of sound science for dispensing oil the lowest percentage are possible.

Jordan is very States late in this area because of innuendos policies that stood obstacle to progress forward to rely on alternative sources and is the region's most countries of the need for such sources due to its dependence on oil products by more than 95% from abroad, which is a burden on the general budget, and after passing a law renewable energy unleashed a lot of private institutions to pursue in order to take special approvals to exploit these Almassadralta Azachm by Jordan in terms of both solar abundant because of the availability of solar brightness equivalent to 300 days of sunshine and serenity atmosphere free of dust, fumes, temperature, high and dusk all that reduces the efficiency of power systems solar, also provides high momentum areas in rates of winds from the north to the center and then to the south's teacher more than 7 km / h and the values ​​of the highest in the region but in the world encourages the use of wind energy in Jordan.