Our kits come complete and customized to your roof. No adders.

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All kits are complete with:

  • Solar Modules

    Your choice of monocrystalline or polycrystalline in a variety of top name brands

  • Inverter

    Choose between Enphase Micro inverters, SolarEdge Optimizing Inverters, or SMA string inverters

  • Rooftop Mounting Hardware

    Complete rooftop racking system will all hardware

  • Cables

    Complete wiring kits and trunk cables (trunk cables are only for Enphase inverters depending on landscape or portrait orientation)

Panel Section

Number Of Panels Panel Size Panel Type Panel Brand Data Sheet
99 580 W BIFACIAL Q.PEAK DUO XL-G11.3/BFG 570-585 PDF icon q_cells_data_sheet_q.peak_duo_xl-g11.3-bfg_570-585_2021-05_rev01_na_6.pdf
200 580W Q.PEAK DUO XL-G11.3 ( 580 W ) PDF icon q_cells_data_sheet_q.peak_duo_xl-g11.3_570-590_2020-11_rev01_en.pdf580_watt.pdf
100 425W Q.PEAK DUO L-G8.3 415-430 PDF icon q_cells_data_sheet_q.peak_duo_l-g8.3_415-430_2019-06_rev01_en_print_003.pdf

Inverter section

Inverter Type Inverter Brand Price Per Watt Price Data Sheet
5.5KW PLUS INVERTER/MPPT SCC/AC CHATGER 8.00 700.00 PDF icon document_2021-01-20_135443.pdf

Battery section

Model Rated Capacity (Ah) Rated Voltage Working Temperature (◦C) Size (H-L-W) Weight (kg) Data Sheet
OT150-12(GEL)/DS/CD 150 13.7 V from -15 to 40 241∓2 , 484∓2 , 170∓2 43.2 PDF icon ot150-12gel-ds-cd-t3_omega_00343.2kg.pdf
OT200-12(GEL)/DS-CD 200 14.7V from -15 to 45 222∓2 , 522∓2 , 239∓2 60.9 PDF icon ot200-12gel-ds-cd-t3_omega.pdf

Solar Street Light Section

Light watt (W) Luminous Flux (LM) Power of PV Module (W) Battery Type Weight (kg) IP Working Temperature (◦C) Data Sheet
80 8000-9600 100 Lithium Battery ( 512WH ) 17.8 66 -20°Cto +60°C PDF icon 80w_solar_street_light_specification.pdf
100 10000-12000 150 Lithium Battery (640WH) 22.7 66 -20°Cto +60°C PDF icon 100w_solar_street_light_specification.pdf

Solar Water Heater Section

Capacity (Liter) Number of Tubes Tube dimension (D*L) Tank material (inner) Tank material (outer) Dimension (L*W*H) Data Sheet
150 L 15 (58*1800)mm USE Stainless Steel USE Stainless Steel PDF icon solar_water_heater_data_sheet.pdf
200 L 20 (58*1800)mm USE Stainless Steel USE Stainless Steel PDF icon solar_water_heater_data_sheet.pdf